24 Days of Hello World - COBOL

In this post I will talk a little bit about COBOL (COmmon Business-Oriented Language). This is a language designed for business use. It is imperative and procedural, and as of 2002 it is object-oriented. The language itself is mostly deployed on mainframe computers, and is used in legacy applications, like... [Read More]

24 Days of Hello World - Cobra

In today’s post I’ll introduce a relatively new language, running on the .NET and Mono platforms. The language is called Cobra, and it is a general-purpose, object oriented language. It supports static and dynamic typing, lambda expressions, closures, list comprehensions and generators. Cobra is open-source, currently licensed under the MIT... [Read More]

24 Days of Hello World - Objective C

With only a week left until Christmas, I want to look into another language used mostly for Apple products, Objective C. This is a general-purpose, object oriented language, which is based on C. Like with C/C++ Objective C source code implementation usually have a program file, with “.m” extension, and... [Read More]

24 Days of Hello World - C

Today I want to tell you about a language, that is one of the most widely used languages of all time, C. This is a general purpose, imperative language, which supports structured programming, lexical variable scope and recursion. Applications that were typically coded in assembly language (including operating systems), now... [Read More]

24 Days of Hello World - Swift

Today is the day I introduce what I believe will be the youngest language in this series. The new language from Apple, called Swift. This is a compiled language, created for iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS development, designed to work with Cocoa/Cocoa Touch frameworks and the body of existing... [Read More]