Releasing an app - Windows Phone

Seeing as my new app, “Din Lokale Dyrlege”, was released last week, I thought I could go through the process of releasing an app. I released this app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, using Xamarin Forms to achieve cross-platform development. This meant I could program once, and utilize most... [Read More]

New app released

Today I am officially announcing that my second app, “Din Lokale Dyrlege” (Your Local Vet), has been released. This is an app released only for the Norwegian app stores, for iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Android. I originally aimed to release this app last year, however due to me being a bit... [Read More]

Official Raspberry Pi Display and Windows 10 IoT Core

Last year an official touch display for Raspberry Pi was released. Naturally that was something I had to get my hands on, and I did. The screen itself is 7″, has a screen resolution of 800 x 480 px and has 10 finger capacitive touch. For my use I immediately... [Read More]

New year - New goals

Happy new year! A bit late, I know, but better late than never. I hope you all had a nice time during the holiday season. I took some time off from work, and generally tried to disconnect for a bit, which I believe I managed. I have tried to use... [Read More]

24 Days of Hello World - Summary

Over the past 24 days, I have posted a new post daily, with a new programming language each day. Each post have told a bit about some key features of each language, a bit on the history, typical uses and an example of how to use the language. For me... [Read More]