Dealing with app reviews

In todays post I’d like to bring up the topic on how to deal with app reviews. The background for this is the first app I released, a few years ago, called myRemote. This is an app, which at the time, was created primarily because I wanted to control my... [Read More]

IoC and Dependency Injection

On some of the code I work on at a daily basis, I have noticed that IoC and dependency injection is used. When I first saw these concepts, I just did a quick read to see what it was, but didn’t really put much energy into it, as it was... [Read More]

Installing JDK on Linux with terminal

This weekend I have been participating in a virtual hackathon, hosted by I teamed up with my sister, her boyfriend and two class mates of his, all which are computer engineering students. The task at the hackathon was to create a web app in one of three categories; data... [Read More]

Know when to rest

Yesterday I read an article from Jose Gonzalez, over at Mind Body Soul Developer, called “The Art of Doing Nothing“, which brings up an important subject; Resting and relaxing. I am not going to talk a lot on this, as I think Jose has done a good job describing all... [Read More]

Releasing an app - iOS

In this last post in this series we will take a look at the process of releasing an app for iOS, after development with Xamarin Forms. Over the last few weeks I have gone through this process for Windows Phone and for Android. In terms of what you, as the... [Read More]