.NET Best Practices and Design Patterns - Day 1

Monday night I arrived in London, ready to attend .NET Best Practices and Design Patterns. Yesterday we had our first day. In the classroom we’re 9 students, and there’s three attending online. There was about an hour of introductions and practical information before we dived into the first module of... [Read More]

Heading to London to attend a course

The last four weeks have been intense. At work we had a tight schedule to be able to release our software before the vacation time, with a lot to do (meaning overtime, and a lack of energy when coming home). At home there’s been a lot of stuff happening with... [Read More]

Attending PubConf

Last week NDC took place in Oslo. Unfortunately I were not able to attend this year, but I were able to attend PubConf, which took place the day after NDC ended. [Read More]

Git command line cheatsheet

All my life I’ve been using graphical user interfaces for applications that have provided it. It’s been quicker to get into, and I have never really liked the command line. What I’ve noticed lately is that I’ve been trying to use the command line more. Just typing commands, instead of... [Read More]

Podcast recommendation - Developer on Fire

Recently I started listening to the podcast called Developer on Fire, hosted by Dave Rael. Each episodes features a guest, and the whole idea of the show is that Dave talks to each guest while they tell their stories. [Read More]