Heading to London to attend a course

The last four weeks have been intense. At work we had a tight schedule to be able to release our software before the vacation time, with a lot to do (meaning overtime, and a lack of energy when coming home). At home there’s been a lot of stuff happening with... [Read More]

Attending PubConf

Last week NDC took place in Oslo. Unfortunately I were not able to attend this year, but I were able to attend PubConf, which took place the day after NDC ended. [Read More]

Git command line cheatsheet

All my life I’ve been using graphical user interfaces for applications that have provided it. It’s been quicker to get into, and I have never really liked the command line. What I’ve noticed lately is that I’ve been trying to use the command line more. Just typing commands, instead of... [Read More]

Podcast recommendation - Developer on Fire

Recently I started listening to the podcast called Developer on Fire, hosted by Dave Rael. Each episodes features a guest, and the whole idea of the show is that Dave talks to each guest while they tell their stories. [Read More]

Issues with Apple Bootcamp and Windows

Over the last week, I’ve had some serious issues with my Windows 10 installation, running on my Mac Mini. It started early last week, where I had some difficulties with my wifi. The wifi have had issues earlier as well, but now I actually got sick of it, and though... [Read More]