Getting started with Microsoft Cognitive Services - Face API

As the world gets increasingly more data power, we are enabled to do more things (in the lack of better words). One of those things is to make computers and applications more intelligent, and Microsoft have created a series of API’s to help doing so. Using Microsoft Cognitive Services you’re... [Read More]

Summing up my week with .NET Best Practices and Design Patterns

I’ve spent this week in London, attending a course on best practices and design patterns. The course was aimed at .NET developers, where the following was the main targets in terms of what we were to learn: Solve complex programming problems using design patterns Deliver bug-free code using test-driven development... [Read More]

.NET Best Practices and Design Patterns - Day 2

Day 2 of the course continued where we left of yesterday, namely with topics in regards to test-driven development. So far this day was the one with the most design patterns in it, as we went through a whole bunch in chapter 4. We also started on chapter 5, however... [Read More]

.NET Best Practices and Design Patterns - Day 1

Monday night I arrived in London, ready to attend .NET Best Practices and Design Patterns. Yesterday we had our first day. In the classroom we’re 9 students, and there’s three attending online. There was about an hour of introductions and practical information before we dived into the first module of... [Read More]