My goals for 2015

We’re about to leave 2014 behind, and enter what will be, at least for me, an exciting year. Through the first month of the year I will participate in a course on coursera regarding cryptography. This is a free, online course, from Stanford University, lead by Dan Boneh. Cryptography is... [Read More]

Privacy settings in Windows store app

So recently I been working on finishing my first Windows store app. This app (which I will tell more about when it? been released) needs connection to the local network. This meant that this was a permission I would need to get from the user. Thinking that since I did... [Read More]

Course on Agile development

A few weeks ago I participated in a course on Agile development, lead by Venkat Subramaniam. The course was a one day, two-part course, where the first part was an introduction to agile development with benefits of agile development, compared to other development methods. The second part was aiming to... [Read More]


Today I finally received my LeapMotion. I sent in a pre-order over a year ago, and they finally released it a few days ago. Seeing as I received it today, I wanted to write a little about my first impression. So far, so good! The first thing I had to... [Read More]

Windows Phone 8 SDK in VM

So recently I’ve been starting to work a bit with the Windows Phone 8 SDK, and since I don’t own a WP8 phone myself, my only option for testing is using the emulator from Visual Studio. At first I was hoping to use a virtual machine with Windows 8, but... [Read More]