Microsoft Surface 3 Review

This is the end of my third week with my brand new Surface 3, so it’s time to give a short review of it. Before I get into the review itself, I think its wise to describe what I use the Surface for, so the terms of my review is... [Read More]

Xamarin Android Player

The Xamarin Android Player is an Android emulator, created by Xamarin. Currently it’s in early stages, and it’s a preview version that is available for those with a Xamarin Android trials or subscription. [Read More]

Xamarin tutorial & iOS MapKit Part 2

This is the second post, in the three part tutorial, on using the iOS MapKit in a Xamarin iOS project. In the previous post we looked at the initial setup of the project, as well as basic generation of a map view. In this part we will go through the... [Read More]

Xamarin tutorial - iOS MapKit Part 1

Lately I have been working a great amount with iOS MapKit in Xamarin, to finish my first iOS app. Going through the work I found several good resources out there on how to do this, however; common for all of them is that they have been written for earlier versions... [Read More]

A small update

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, so I thought I’d just share a short update. I find myself struggling to find the time to blog, while going to work, the gym, programming and so on. On top of that the sun is showing up, and the weather... [Read More]