Advent Calendar

This year I have decided to create my own advent calendar on the blog. I see this an opportunity to explore some new programming languages, and as such my advent calendar will be called “24 days of Hello World”. I will post a simple “Hello World” in a new language... [Read More]

Time management and productivity tools

As anyone probably can relate to, time is valuable. There is only 24 hours in a day, and in that time you need to sleep, eat, work, etc. Over the years I have tried several different tools to optimize the way I spend every day, and to make my everyday... [Read More]

Essential .NET 4.5 with C#

Last week I attended a course, called “Essential .NET 4.5 with C#”, in London. The course was hosted by Developmentor (currently in the process of joining Global Knowledge), and the course instructor was Ron Sumida. [Read More]

XMLRPC and Windows Live Writer

At the time of writing this blog post, I am flying home from London. Me and my SO have visited London at least once a year the last few years, so it has become a tradition. This year we had a shorter weekend trip, primarily to go see Hamlet. It... [Read More]

Cloud based back end service

When working with mobile applications (or applications in general) there is often a need to store and retrieve data. For informational apps you could simply have a local database, with all data present. However when developing apps for smart phones (and tablets) you need to consider the size of the... [Read More]